want delicious, healthy meals without cooking?

Spoonfull's cook, Karina, will deliver your meals to your door as often as you'd like for less than the cost of going out or ordering in. Meal plans are 100% customized to your tastes, portioning needs, nutritional goals and frequency. The goal is to get people to eat more wholesome, real food in today's increasingly busy world.




How it works.

First, you'll meet with Karina to discuss your needs, culinary tastes, and general lifestyle to see how this can be a great solution for you and your family. Then, we'll follow-up with a taste preference survey to help start planning your meal options. 

From there, each week (or however often you need us) you'll receive a menu based on your personal tastes, choose what and how much you want and your work is done. Karina will shop, prep, cook and package your food and deliver straight to your door. The goal is to get real meals on your table. 

Deciding what to eat is a personal and flexible experience. The lines of communication are always open to say "I'd love something SPICY this week!" or "Our family is under the weather, how about a double batch of soup?". Variety keeps healthy food satisfying and delicious.

example menus

All menus are based on foods you love to eat. Below are real two examples for a busy family of four that eats mostly vegetarian, loves all types of cuisines and loves to mix up their staples with brand new recipes.

Menu 2

  • Lentil salad with walnuts, herbs & pomegranate
  • Chickpea & roasted red pepper burgers
  • Grilled tandoori chicken
  • Farmer's market vegetable succotash
  • Pasta with ginger-orange roasted tomatoes, snap peas and basil

Menu 1

  • Chinese spicy eggplant
  • Roasted cauliflower
  • Mixed mushrooms with cinnamon & lemon
  • Split chickpea dhal
  • Coconut chicken and sweet potato stew
  • Spinach & feta quiche